West Michigan Jewelry Exchange, we are available to help with all jewelry appraisal needs in Grand Rapids.
If you have inherited Jewelry or watches or received as gifts and you don’t know the exact current value. Find out the value of your jewelry and get our appraisal document which will have all the information of your jewelry like metal, diamond/ gemstone, weight which also includes a picture of your jewelry on the document.

A certified Gia Gemologist with over 20 years of experience in jewelry, diamonds and gemstones will inspect your Jewelry/Diamond carefully and will give you a detailed appraisal report with value. Bring documentation such as sales slips, diamond or gemstone grading reports and warranties if you have them.

The appraisal report will have

  • Current competitive retail price
  • Diamond quality, evaluated as per GIA 4C’s(Carat Weight, Color Grade, Clarity Grande, Cut Grade)
  • Gold purity will be checked as per Karat system
  • For premium brand watches like Rolex, Patek Phillip appraisal will have brand name, serial number, model numbers, diamond worth as per 4C’s (if watch has diamonds)
At the end of the appraisal process, you will receive a detailed report, with picture and value of your item(s)

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