Scrap Silver

All of your scrap silver and sterling silver is welcome at West Michigan Jewelry Exchange. We are renowned for our services’ speedy turnaround and payments. You’ll be in and out in less than 10 minutes, and we’ll even process your silver while you wait.

Sell Scrap Silver

We buy old silver scrap including broken or incomplete sets of silverware, which can still be valuable when you exchange them for their weight in precious metals, as well as:

  • Silver Coins
  • Silver Bars
  • Sterling Silverware
  • Junk Silver, or 90% Silver

We Buy Sterling Silver

Bring in your set of your sterling silver forks, spoons, knives, serving utensils, napkin holders, sterling trays, tea sets, candlestick holders, and salt & pepper shakers, and any broken or unwanted sterling silverware you may have. Sell your sterling silverware for instant cash.

How We Test?

West Michigan Jewelry Exchange buys any precious metal item, including broken or incomplete sets of silverware or jewelry, which can still be valuable when exchanged for their weight in precious metals.

We use an x-ray machine to check what percentage of precious metal is present in any item and will pay you the online price for the item’s value. We always pay the maximum amount for everyone.

Why Choose WMJE?

We are a family-owned business with a storefront in Grand Rapids for over 10 years and over 32 years of experience in the jewelry and diamond business. All our services are transparent; you see what we see. We offer unparalleled customer service to all of our customers. If you have any questions, we are just a call away.

Questions about selling scrap and junk silver

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